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Replica watches

agricultural production space, moderately Replica watch compressed Replica Longines mining construction space. - strictly control the expansion of the total area of ​​urban space, reduce the mining construction space. Major expansion of the city in the space of replica watch urban construction, housing, public facilities and green space, strict control and compressed industrial space. In the the fake rolex mining building space, compression and space repair extractive industries. - adhere to the most stringent farmland protection system. Stabilize the total area of ​​arable land, and to ensure that does not reduce the total of basic Replica watches for sale farmland, the purpose is not to change, to improve the quality of. Adhere to the - strict control of farmland used for construction. Various types of development and construction activities must strictly implement try not accounted for less or the principle of farmland, and where the occupation of cultivated land to land before approval according to law, the supplement equal to the number of the arable land of the same quality. - the Replica watches implementation of the basic grassland protection system. Grasslands, to implement grazing grazing rotational grazing, stable grassland area, and in areas where conditions permit Fake omega watches construction of artificial grass is prohibited. - space increase rural public facilities. In accordance with the scale and speed of the rural-urban shift gradually moderate reduction in the rural living space the idle rural residential reclamation organized into agricultural production space or green replica watch space. - a moderate expansion of the transport infrastructure space. Focus on expanding the rail transportation space within the urban agglomeration of expand highway construction space to strictly. - adjustment of urban space regional distribution. Moderate expansion of space to optimize the development of regional urban construction, and strictly control "God bless me" the wonders of 30 appeared naked eye can b Replica watchese directly observed from earth in December 30th 17:12, the three planet -- th Rolex Fake for mene moon, Venus and Mars will be in the morning air "intimate contact".By then, Beijing amateur astronomers are available to the naked ey replica watchese observation to "God bless me" this astronomical wonders.  Beijing planetarium experts said: "planet moon phenomenon occurs during the month, but on Rolex Replicaa smaller area, while gathering a few planets is still relatively rare."From the end of this month, Venus and Mars are already very close, Venus by Virgo Libra Mars in Virgo Replica rolex, from direct to Libra, the moon is from west to east to catch up with Mars and venus.On the morning of 30 March 9, moon chasing on Mars and hide Mars, Mars brightness of magnitude -1.2, will appear very bright in the sky, just the moon through the perigee, the nearest, people se Fake rolexe the moon's apparent diameter reaches the maximum; 12 noon, the moon, Mars, Venus three in turn row in a straight line; 17, hop on Venus, and the moon are recently, at this time, Venus, th replica watchese moon, Mar rolex replicas three arranged in a triangle, the moon is in the right. copy rolex watches "one and a half hour before sunrise to half hour is the best observation period."Experts say, at the appointed time, or simply select a dark, empty place, east of the southern sky you can see the sky.